Every parent wants to give their family the very best; best in cooking, top quality healthcare, everyone is searching to give their little ones the best of the best. When looking into goods for families, it is crucial to contemplate all of the effects of the goods used. Many of these items are cheeky and may be hiding harsh/toxic chemicals used in their making. These dangerous ingredients are being used to lower their production costs, totally ignoring the safety and health of consumers especially vulnerable babies.  

Some consumers have carried out their research and have rejected the dangerous products available in the market. Alternatively, they have chosen to purchase eco-friendly products, which not only benefit the planet but their families too. Being unaware what the product is made of and using it often it can be very worrying especially when it meant to be handled by kids. Many people around us started panicking and only purchasing eco-friendly products, but what are these products really? And why are they considered a better option?

Don’t wait for the change, be the change.

The Meaning of ‘’Eco-Friendly’’

When a product is described as ‘’Eco-Friendly’’, that means, they have designed in such a way that it does the least possible damage to the environment from its production methods to its disposal. The benefits of using eco-friendly products are not remotely cantered around the health and well-being of our planet, but also the health and well-being of our families.


Some may think that eco-friendly products are more expensive, yet in the long run they are actually more economical. The reason to that, is because usually they last much longer. Such products are commonly made from recycled materials and are very durable, withstanding falls, washes etc. So, don’t be deceived by the slightly higher price since they last longer, they are a better investment.


Beside the benefits eco-friendly products provide, let’s not forget their added health bonus for being all-natural. Plastics, for instance, are known to contain Bisphenol A (BPA) a chemical used to harden plastic and is linked to hormonal imbalances, autoimmune diseases etc. Additionally, plastic many times is found to contain heavy metals such as lead, and other harmful chemicals that can cause a range of various illnesses and diseases in both children and adults. For adults, using plastic can lead to high risk of heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, reproductive system abnormalities and even infertility. For children, it can cause premature puberty, diabetes, stunted growth, brain development changes, alterations in response to aggression, pain, motor activity, anxiety and autoimmune disorders. By choosing eco-friendly, natural products you ensure safety from all dangerous chemicals, and risky additives that can cause any of these issues to you and your little ones. Using sustainable products, will generally improve the quality of life when it comes to mortality, age, diseases etc.


Going eco-friendly not only contributes to the good health of you and your loved ones but it benefits the environment too. Turning all your goals and aligning them with the environment with give you such a satisfaction of making a difference to the planet. And let’s not forget something truly important, there is no plan-et B.

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