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”Although a bit hesitant at first to order as this is a new shop, I absolutely LOVED Ecobabily’s rompers. They are so cute and soft to the touch! And as a plus they are Eco-friendly. Will definitely shop again.  I highly recommend!

Ecological & Cute!

”My new years revolution was slightly different than other years. This time i had in mind living life more healthfully, naturally and sustainably.  I want my choices not to just satisfy myself but the environment too. So a friend recommended Ecobabily online shop for all my twins’s essentials.  Even though at first  I was a bit hesitant after my first purchase arrived I couldn’t be happier. No more compromising on style and quality just live ”green”. Clothes are so cute and the colors in fashion. But what really made me fall in love with the shop is their teethers and sustainable toys! 


My sister is giving birth this month and she is super stressed about it as this her first pregnancy. To cheer her up we set up a surprise baby shower party and i brought her a lovely Ecobabily bodysuit  and a dress. Both of them were amazingly soft with lovely patterns! She absolutely adored them both! And quite frankly, i wish they came in adult sizes too.. i would  have definitely bought one of each for me! 

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Baby-Friendly + Eco-Friendly

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Welcome to! Were you recently blessed to bring a new baby into the world?

 Congratulations! Becoming a parent is a tremendous life-changing experience yet a challenging one too. You must have already realised that your role as a parent, comes with lifelong responsibilities – many of which are totally new to you especially if this is your first bundle of joy. Indeed, a new life now depends on the choices and decisions you take around his safety, health, food, sleep, entertainment, development, and lots of other important aspects. Overwhelming right?

 We know, we have been there too!
That is why we launched ‘’EcoBabily’’, a unique store, were we gathered a wide range of the best baby-friendly products to help you let off some steam and save your time looking around.
Here you can find everything you need for new-born to kindergarten age kids. Beautiful, stylish and sustainable products are our forte ranging from high-quality fashion items such as shoes, clothing and baby accessories.
When it comes to clothing, EcoBabily offers a tasteful and stylish array of colours in soft bamboo and cotton, from rompers, dresses, to bottoms & tops, one pieces and nightwear.

Our store offers cute bib sets, chic socks & leggings, scratch mittens, beanies and gorgeous headbands that will make you go ‘’awwww’’ and add that magic touch to the unique style of your little one.
Discover our great assortment of feeding items from glass eco-bottles, to coconut shell bowls, bibs, burping cloths, muslins, spoons, pacifiers, baby shushers/soothers, cups & straws to eco-friendly plastic-free breastmilk storage bags.

Are you in search of gifts and toys? Whether you are shopping for your own baby or a gift, our eco-friendly toys are a great way to go! They last much longer, are safe and most importantly they don’t come at cost to the planet.
Browse our teethers collection and see what we prepared, you and your little one are going to love it! Made of materials such as natural rubber, durable wood, or silicon they can be easily composted or recycled.
Going through our ‘’diapers & other accessories’’ section you can find from baby carriers to re-usable eco-nappies, bags and changing mats when being out and about. Finally, time for sleeping after a long exciting day. Ensure your baby gets a good night’s sleep with our soft ecological blankets, crib sheets, baby pillows, nests, sleeping bags and cosy swaddles.
 Regardless of their small size, babies have a big impact on the environment. Fortunately, there is an abundance of amazing products available to parents to chose from, that not only help you with parenting but also won’t cost the health of the planet… because let’s not forget… there is no Plan-et B.